Dreamr Wins Blockchance Conference Startup Pitch Contest

By Christopher Adams

Dreamr Wins Blockchance Conference Startup Pitch Contest

Hamburg, Germany

The Blockchance Conference 2019 in the Chamber of Commerce brought the international blockchain industry to Hamburg, Germany where Doctor Evan Luthra awarded Dreamr €50,000 for its fantastic pitch in the Startup Pitch Competition. The key topics of the Blockchance event were the future of economics and the future of society.

Dreamr was one of 10 finalists that presented on August 17th to a room full of attendees and investors. The format was a 4 minute pitch followed by a 2 minute Q&A from the panel 4 judges including Dr. Christoph Lymbersky of BlockRock Ventures, Christopher Jaszczynski of MMCrypto, Mortiz Stumpf of Blockchain Solutions, and headed by serial entrepreneur Dr. Evan Luthra. The Judges each scored the pitch individually in different categories.

Later that evening at the Tortue Hotel Dr. Evan Luthra awarded €50,000 to Dreamr. According to leading publications and organizations across the world, Evan Luthra is one of the top blockchain experts. He has been a part of numerous conferences where he guides and talks about blockchain and various new and emerging technologies. Dr. Luthra is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor making a difference. His extensive work in the blockchain space and his work ethic has earned him an honorary Ph.D. in blockchain technology.

Dreamr CEO Chris Adams presented the company with support from team member Markus Nielsen who live-streamed the pitch on dreamr’s Instagram. The two had a great time networking and would like to especially thank Marc Buckley of the World Economic Forum, Dirk Frank of Tron Europe, Alexander of The Local Water, and of course Dr. Evan Luthra for the meaningful conversations and potential future collaborations.

Our team is honored and humbled by the win and we’re right back to work building towards a future where pursuing our dreams is practical for everyone.

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